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Terms of service


• Maintain long-term, respectful and cordial relationships with our clients.
• Offer our clients a different sensory experience through our specialty coffees.
• Permanently work on their quality through quality audits of crops, carried out by specialized personnel and professional tasters, who guarantee the suitability of the product.
• Innovate in new sensations with other types of specialty coffees, grown by our Women coffee growers and coffee growers, to offer something new and maintain interest in our customers for our brand.

Women coffee growers and coffee growers:
• Maintain relationships of RESPECT towards their work as producers, give them the space they deserve in our commercial field and make them visible, since they are part of our VALUE PROPOSAL.
• Strengthen alliances with our women coffee growers and coffee growers in order to promote social work to improve their quality of life and that of their families.
• Pay for coffee at rates above those specified by the FNC, since in this way we give value to their coffee processing process on their farms and thus guarantee the quality that we have defined.