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During our working life working for multinational companies for many years, my husband and I always had in mind our life project working with SPECIALTY COFFEE, a dream that began as a thought in 2005 and growing among coffee farms from a very young age, at some point we had to reach our ORIGIN.
Only until 2018 was this idea crystallized, starting with our life project and making it possible to formalize it through people with enormous experience in the world of COFFEE and our families, who have given us the knowledge, drive and support to carry out this great initiative. As the months passed, we realized how passionate it was for us to see in reality the fact of carrying the name of COLOMBIA through the SPECIALTY COFFEE, and make those who enjoy it understand that only in COLOMBIA do we have the enormous possibility of finding really special coffees from ORIGIN, with flavors and aromas that transport you to a world where new sensations prevail and we wanted to tell our feelings; That is why we started a path of preparation in knowledge and in trips to the farms of our families to recognize again, wake that something that was deep inside our mind, and review all those aromas that arise from the harvest, pulp and benefit, where in the end, that aroma of a freshly roasted coffee would become our goal in life and something that really fills us and we are passionate about.
We want you to join us in that PASSION for him COFFEE and you will understand the reasons why enjoying it is really a generating experience of remembrance towards our fields and where the aroma and flavor will envelop you towards an enormous pleasure of living a great moment. "






It is for us our main axis that leads us to generate value through lasting relationships based on respect.

We are driven by the desire to bring Colombian specialty coffee to all latitudes, whose main driver is love for the lands that produce it, to give it its rightful place and to be a differentiator in those who enjoy it.

We support the program COFFEE WOMEN of the Quindio acquiring their specialty coffee with values higher than the market, in order to contribute to their quality of life and that of their families and give the WomanR the social place with the importance that your work in the field deserves.




Work based on PASSION by QUALITY, committed to our clients in taking them to a new world through coffee, understanding their tastes and moving them towards new flavors and SENSES, in order to take them to enjoy unique moments, accompanied by a GOOD SPECIALTY COFFEE.